Friday, February 22, 2008

February Fun

Here are some pictures from a bike ride that we took to the beach last week. We spend a lot of time together on my days off laughing and playing with the kids.

Mommy and Silas!

Daddy's Hands

Thursday, February 14, 2008


These days it seems like we do everything in sets of threes...three carseats, three sippy cups, three kids meals at RuckerJohn's, and one, two, three kids in the tub!

Some days having these three at the ages they are, 4, 2, and 1, can seem very demanding and overwhelming but yet at the end of the day I can't really imagine it any other way. Most days they love playing with each other and in some ways it is easier to have them all doing somewhat of the same things. Remind me of that when they are all crying "HOLD ME MOMMY!". But truly this season is a blessing and I want to cherish it because they grow so fast!

Moses with a bubble beard


Moses and Silas showing off their water guns

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bogue Sound- 'Lewis and Clark'

I have off on Mondays and we often go for walks to the beach or hikes through the woods to a long dock that sits on the Bogue Sound - I love to take Moses, Sarah and Silas and watch the sunset over the water. These pictures are from yesterday- the fourth of February. A few days before Moses and I were starting down the trail in the woods and Moses said, "This is just like Lewis and Clark." Dull moments are few and far between in our house right now.

North Carolina is treating us well. I love watching Heather and the Kids - She is such an awesome mom. It is fun to watch her and Sarah continue to bond as mother and daughter. We had a lot of fun on this hike!

Mother and Daughter having fun

Eqipped with the right outerwear and a good walking stick our crew is ready for the journey.

Do I seriously have to carry this thing any further?

"Not suitable for everyone?? I'm going!"

And they're off!

A perfect North Carolina afternoon.

A comfortable combination of plaid flannel, jeans and anything camo ensures success for this adventurer. Believe it or not Moses picked out the entire outfit himself.

We are surrounded by various Pines and Live Oaks that stay green year round - that is how Emerald Isle earned it's name. We are enjoying our first winter here.

Look Who's Walking...

Moses the Photographer

The other day, Mark asked Moses what he was thinking about. Moses replied "Thinking about taking pictures of you and Mommy". So we got out the camera and set him up for a few posed shots. In the meantime Sarah made a phone call on my phone and we forgot about our photo shoot. However, Moses, the photgrapher, kept right on taking pictures of us! So here are a few of the pictures our aspiring photographer took!

Sarah was also taking pictures using the camera on my phone!