Sunday, September 28, 2008

Calm After the Storm...

Thursday was Mark's day off and Moses had off school due to a tropical storm that was blowing through Coastal Carolina. After the storm was over we took a walk through the rain to the sound. It was amazing to see how high the water was, fun to splash through the puddles, and a good chance to enjoy the calm after the storm!

Our Little Princess

Lately Sarah has been really into dressing up like a "princess". This morning she got all dressed up (high heels included) and climbed onto the coffee table and proclaimed "take my picture". These pictures were her doing and her personality is shining through and along with a little of her attitude! :)


I was enjoying late afternoon in my hammock on my day off when I decided to get some pictures of my sons playing around me in the backyard. As you can see from these pictures it's not hard to tell that these two are brothers...syncronized and having a blast!

Burger King

Sometimes it is the simple things in a trip to Burger King! One rainy day this week while Moses was in school, Mark and I took Sarah and Silas to Burger King and let them be King & Queen for an afternoon!

Monday, September 15, 2008


To celebrate our 6th Anniversary we took a quick 30 hour get-away to Wilmington, N.C. It was a much needed break from the kids for me and a break from work for Mark who had just worked 10 days straight! We stayed in an old mansion in downtown Wilmington and had a great time eating out, relaxing, walking the historic downtown and just being together. In the evening we ate at a restaurant that overlooked the river and got to watch the sun go down while we ate and then went on a carriage ride tour of the city! It was a lot of fun! The morning before we left we had fun taking self timer pictures in the mansion's garden!


Our mansion

Re-enacting the cheesy wedding photography pose! :)

Dinner on the river

The view from our table

On the carriage ride!

Touring the downtown cobblestone streets

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Pillar of Clouds by Day...

Mark took this picture this morning on the way back over the bridge into Emerald Isle after taking Moses to school. The cloud was parked right over Emerald Isle, practically right over our house.
Reminding us that God is still leading us...

Another Milestone!

Yesterday Moses rode the bus home for the first time...and loved it! After a week of picking him up every day (which equaled waiting in line for a half hour or more everyday to pick him up) we decided to give the bus a try since he would arrive home at the same time anyways. His neighbor and fellow kindergartner friend Layne joined him on the adventure. They sat in the first seat and looked so cute and proud of themselves!
Here are a few pictures of them getting off the bus! Moses we are so proud of you! You are an awesome son and are doing great at school!

Labor Day

This posting is a bit belated but I thought I would give you a glimpse into our Labor Day. It started off with Mark taking an early morning motorcycle ride with his buddy Ryan. Later we had a picnic lunch from RuckerJohn's and a "pool party" with our friends and neighbors Lori, Layne & Brendan. Here are a few pictures from our day!

Mark & Ryan's bikes taking a break along side the Carolina Coast
Moses with our neighbors Lori, Layne & Brendan

The artists at work...

Having fun in the slip n' slide pool!

Happy 5th Birthday Moses!

Happy Birthday Moses!

Right before Moses started kindergarten he celebrated his 5th birthday! Moses wanted to celebrate with Noah since they share the same birthday! We went to Matt & Naomi's in New Bern and had a party with their family and Ryan, Denise & Hayden. The highlights from his birthday party were that he got lots of legos and a headlight!

Blessing the birthday boys

I love it!

One of Naomi's famous cakes....peanut butter icecream sandwhich cake with a star wars twist!

Moses talking to Grandma Buckwalter and building his new legos

The Lego creations....

Check out the interior in this car!