Wednesday, January 27, 2010

one last picture

I walked into the playroom to see Sarah and Silas playing so sweetly together then I noticed he was wearing a girl's shirt! So cute...I think...

my baby.

I can't believe my baby is almost 11 months old which means her first birthday is just around the corner. She has grown up so much these past few weeks. She is crawling, pulling herself up and eating table food. She is a very social little girl and is talking sooner than any of our other kids. We left her for the first time overnight with Auntie Meg when we went to State College. I was worried becuase it was the first time but she did great..she probably slept and ate better than for me ! are a few shots of my baby!

Ice Sliding...

Another fun winter sliding on Pastor Joe's pond. Another fun memory with Daddy.

Here I come.

Check out the air on this jump!

Nice landing-

Hi Dad!

Okay time to go home...I'm cold!


These pictures are from after the big snowstorm. I finally just downloaded pictures off our camera from the last month and a half and the grand total was 140 (sometimes Mark will take 100 pictures in one day). You can tell we have just been too busy living life to even take pictures let alone download them. I think we took 10 pictures of Christmas...that's it. But I can say it was one of the most relaxing Christmas we have had so although it was not documented we will remember the fun times we had drinking cocoa, opening presents, laughing with friends, eating at Grandma's house and just relaxing as a family!

Moses is the only one of our kids who truly appreciates the snow. He will even get up early and play in it before school! Sarah and Silas will usually last 10 minutes (that is after the 20 minute prep time and the 10 minute strip down time) ! Anyways, here are a few pictures of Moses sledding. Enjoy!

The long hike up the hill

Almost to the top

I made it!

And I'm off again!

Thanks Dad, that was fun!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Okay so I do plan on posting some new pictures sometime soon...

We have been busy just catching up from the holidays and enjoying life!

Mark and I caught 24 hours to ourselves this weekend and went up to Penn State and stayed in this awesome bed and breakfast called Inn in the Sky and went to a country concert! So fun. It is amazing what 24 hours can do for your marriage, for your soul, for your sanity! We did not take a single picture though I had wanted to...we really just relished in the time alone together.
Anyways...i will be posting some pictures soon. I can't believe it is almost February already! Life is full and good right now!