Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Visitors from NY, NC, PA and San Diego

We had a great night last night with some of Heather's family. On Sunday her Aunt Pat & Uncle Jeff along with her cousins and grandfather, Poppy, arrived in Emerald Isle. We had dinner together last night at RuckerJohn's and then spent some time relaxing at the beach house where they are staying. We had a great time visiting with the crew while the kids devoured watermelon and ice pops. Brad & Carla's daughter Addison & Silas hit it off while Moses and TJ played on the beach. We left feeling blessed by our time together and very thankful for our families. Here are some pics.

Moses and Poppy on the Beach

Poppy enjoying his grandchildren and great-grandchildren on the beach

Sarah and Poppy feasting on watermelon

Mark & the kids!

Silas and Addison enjoying fudge pops while Poppy enjoys some ice cream

Finger painting anyone!

From the Promised Land...

One of the things that we have missed the most during the last two summers has been fresh produce from Heather's parents farm. We recently received a love package from Promised Land that contained lots of fresh veggies. Here are some images of the tomatoes, peppers, potatos and other goodies. Thanks Dan and Amy, we love you guys!

On the Beach

I love to go for walks on the beach at sunrise and sunset-here are some of my favorite images from the late summer here at Emerald Isle. These were taken early one morning as Moses and I walked along the beach while Mommy, Sarah and Silas slept in!