Monday, January 30, 2012

Snow Day

I uploaded these snow day pictures last week but am just now posting them. Such is life these days! :)
The kids loved waking up to snow last Saturday morning. Hope actually squealed and laughed with delight when she looked out the window to see the world of white!
The kids and Daddy had a fun time playing in the snow and sledding down the hill in the meadow.
Mommy had fun indoors enjoying a few moments of quiet between the dressing and undressing of four children in and out of their snow clothes!
It is always good for me to look at pictures of the kids being kids. It reminds me of what is important and how truly blessed I am to have these four in my life...

Happy Monday!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

dream BIG

So I love a good bargain. It gives me a thrill to find something for nothing. I love yard sales, thrift stores and the bargain bin at Goodwill for just that reason.
I especially love when I find something I had already been dreaming and thinking about it. Like when I had been thinking about getting a new rug for my living room and then go to Goodwill and get a brand new rug from Target for only $11.97. Yes, that makes me so happy. And I feel almost as if those special bargains are little love notes from God. Because He knows about the little things. He knows the Big desires of my hearts but also the little things that make me happy.
So we have had this blue couch sitting in our living room. And for the past two months since we have gotten our new couch I have debated what to do with the old one. It is a love seat that was one of my brother and sister in laws first new pieces of furniture they bought when they married 15 plus years ago. Their family with four kids used it for many years and then passed it on to us about 5 years ago. The color blue has faded to a gray dingy color with spots on the arms where little children have wiped off greasy hands while enjoying movie and popcorn nights. The stuffing is coming out in several holes in the cushions where eight different children have enjoyed jumping and dismantling them into forts. It is the velveteen rabbit of a has been well loved. I love the shabby chic look but this was beyond that and it was an eyesore.
So I had debated possibly slip covering the couch and even  looked for one online and craigslist but then decided it was not even worth the money. Burn pile?
So Monday while rummaging at the Goodwill Bargain Room I found two couch slipcovers including one for a love seat and when i took them to the register the grand total was $2.12. I was giddy. I came home and tried it on....and I like it. The $1 transformation worked.

Well as I was sitting in my newly arranged living room with my $1 slip covered couch I was thinking about the different things I had looked at online or design blogs and then found at Goodwill. I was thinking how it is crazy that happens. Then I started thinking about the Big dreams and desires I have. What if I spent as much diligence pursuing them as I do thrift hunting. What would happen!? It is exciting to think about. I have seen God fulfill desires of my heart both big and small recently. But I also realize how too often I don't let myself dream or even acknowledge the desires of my heart. It is fine to get excited and step out in a $12 rug or a $1 slipcover because there is not much at risk. But can I be real and get excited about the big things...the deep desires?
Yes, and I must. Because God has a huge "Bargain Room" in Heaven waiting to bless me. And it is not second rate or second best. It is good because He is good. I say "God is good" but then sometimes the way that I approach God and life says otherwise.
But I want to know that in my heart and walk in that knowing "He is Good. He is LOVE. He delights in His children."
I want to not hold back my dreams and desires for fear of being disappointed. That is no way to live.

I am excited to sit on my new couch and dream....

Monday, January 16, 2012

our farm girl

 Sarah has become a regular little farm girl....confirmed recently by her increasing love of animals. We dog sat recently for a weekend and Sarah fell in love. She now wants a dog along with the horse she wanted so badly for Christmas. Being the great mom that I am I bought her a toy horse for Christmas :). Maybe one of these days this mama will be stretched and we will get some animals down home on the farm but till then here are two of my favorites of Sarah and Bear....

Sarah is also loving her bright pink camera she got for Christmas and these days she can be seen snapping shots with Daddy( check out I love this picture because she just lost her top front tooth and is wearing the new look well!

I love this girl!

the farm show.

We ventured to the farm show this week for some fair food, free samples and family time. Another advantage to Mark not having regular work is spontaneous family days. We were blessed to have our good friend Amber come with us too. We had a great time walking, eating, and hanging out. Here are some of the images from the day...

Hope loved the chickens and was being hilarious making faces at them and imitating them!

P.S. If you are wondering what Mark is driving these days...wonder no more. He can be seen driving the vintage "Woody Wagon" as we affectionately call it. The kids think it is just the coolest thing ever and ask for frequent rides. One evening as I was making dinner it got real quiet and when I went looking for them I found them outside playing in the mini van just because it was "so cool" in there! We are thankful to Poppy for letting us borrow this sweet ride! ;)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Mark sent this to me today as some encouragement. Moses does this all the time and as a result there are little foot and hand prints climbing up my doorways....although this should not be my cue if I am getting it right it did make me think that I might be doing o.k.! ;)

Life has somehow taken on an accelerated pace since December. In October I was feeling restless and even prayed, "Lord, I am feeling bored and long for something more." Little did I know what I was asking for. December arrived and along with the holidays came Mark's lay off from work, the start of a small group at our home every week, the incorporation of Mark's new photography/coaching business, and a change in schedule of life as it was.

Life is really good it just feels more full...

And I am continuing learning to let seems like such a simple thing but in the midst of transition I tend to clench up when I can't see how everything is going to work.  I find myself frantically cleaning my house or trying to bring order to the chaos and then freaking out when someone messes something up. I realized this is in part  because I feel like I need to hold everything together. Instead of running to the Lord with my fears and worries I have held them inside which makes me tense and not always fun to be around. But when I am at rest I can enjoy the transition more and my eyes can be opened to see the goodness that surrounds me.

So on that note here are a few goals and aspirations for 2012 starting with letting go and trusting God more....

Laugh more and often...

Capture moments in time through photography and blogging...
Keep the focus on being POSITIVE
Trust God's timing

Don't lose focus on the big picture and  get caught up on details


Less attitude and more GRACE

Take more time to color, laugh and just be with those I love

Don't sweat the small stuff....
even if it means small pieces of legos all over my house!

See more sunrises

Embrace the chaos and the messes...

Don't take life so seriously!

Here's to the new year ahead beginnings, new transitions and new adventures.

We're off to a great start...