Sunday, February 22, 2009

Misty Morning

I love sunrises. Last thursday there was a bit of fog hanging around and a light glaze of ice on the cars when I went outside. I decided to skip going to the gym and take a walk instead. This is what I found.

New Danville Mennonite Church

Pine View Farm

Stoney Lane

Spring Lawn Farm - The Garber's next door

my favorite tree at sunrise.

Haircuts and Bellies...

Blame it on nesting but everyone got haircuts this week including Sarah. Up until this point Sarah has had her hair trimmed only once so it was kind of a big deal for her to get about 6 or 7 inches cut off her locks. I also got my hair done this week and got a morning out to myself which included a trip to the doctor and the hair salon. It was a very relaxing morning and they were even giving free hand massages that day at the salon so I came home feeling pampered and refeshed. With less than a month to go I am defintely feeling ready for this little one to come!

Here are some before and after pictures of our little princess!



Mommy & Sarah with thier new do's!

Showing off the belly! Sarah is showing off hers as well!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day...

Mark and I got the chance to have a night out to ourselves for Valentine's Day. We went to dinner and a movie and just enjoyed each other's company. These nights away from the kids have been few and far in between so we always cherish these times.
It was seven years ago on Valentines's Day that we first got engaged and what a rollercoaster ride it has been. Seven houses, six pregnancies, four kids and many ups and downs later our love is stronger than ever. I love you Mark and I am excited for whatever this next season holds for us. I know God has good things in store!

P.S. Thanks Mark for the roses....

Bunk Beds & Cardboard Cutouts...

This is Heather posting. It seems that Mark has taken over the posting duty since we have moved back home. The weeks have been flying by as we have been getting settled in and adjusting to life here in Lancaster. Besides unpacking and setting up the house I have also been in "Nesting" mode which means organizing, repainting furniture and fixing things around the house in preparation for the baby who is arriving in a month. I know some nesting is good but I also know I can go into control mode during this time when my body, hormones and life all feel a little out of my control. So I am learning to try to find balance in the midst of transiton and learning to relax and enjoy the ride.
The kids help me to not take life so seriously sometimes. The boys were in need of some new beds as Moses (5) was still in a toddler bed and Silas (2 1/2) was going to be passing the crib onto his new little sister. My parents blessed us with some bunkbeds and the boys were delighted. Here they are awaiting their arrival.

Oh goody...I can hardly wait for my new bed!
(maybe next year we'll get new jeans:)

While Grandpa and Daddy set up the bunkbeds Grandma got creative with the cardboard boxes and created life size Moses, Sarah & Silas cut-outs. They were a great hit with the kids. It made me laugh and the kids are still playing with them!

Stay posted for pictures of the bunk beds!

Great Grandma and Pappy

As Heather and I planned to move back to Lancaster from North Carolina one of the things we were most excited about was the opportunity to see both of our families more often. We have had great times connecting with our parents and grandparents since we have been home. Last week we took the opportunity to visit my Grandma and Pappy Buckwalter. Grandma provided a feast that Moses is still talking about and we all had fun swimming with Pappy. Thanks Great Grandma and Pappy we love you.


I love to watch the sunrise and set. Here is the start of another day at Pine View.

Enough said.