Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hope turns ONE!

My baby turned ONE yesterday... it is hard to believe a year ago Hope Irleand joined our family. She brings great joy to us. I realized this even more last week when she was sick with a case of RSV and popping her molars through at the same time and she was just not her usual joyful happy self. It made me so grateful for the content happy baby she is!
We love you Hopey. You have changed so much over the past year. We can't wait to see what this next year holds. Before we know it you will be out running in the yard with the rest of the kids. I can't wait...but at the same time I am cherishing these last "baby moments" because more than ever I see how fast they go by. So Happy First Birthday Hope. We LOVE you!

Signs of Spring...

I am so refreshed. I just got back from a walk down the lane and through the meadow while the kids napped. The warm sunshine felt so good both for my body and my soul.

This weekend we were also enjoying the sunshine. Saturday afternoon we went for a hike at Silver Mine Park. Then Sunday I went for a long walk by myself and then came back to find our cat had her kittens. I am a self declared "non-animal lover" but I found a special connection with this new mama and her babies. Maybe it was thinking about how a year ago on a Sunday I gave birth to Hope. Anyhow it was fun to see the new life come forth. Then we walked down to the meadow to the creek when all of the sudden I was like "Where is Sarah?". Just a soon as I had this thought I turn around to see this...

Sarah sporting her bathing suit

Check out the snow behind her. It was only like 47 degrees outside but this girl is ready for spring....well maybe even summer.

Sarah then took it one step further and hopped into the creek! Crazy!

Silas "fishing" in the creek with his stick

The kids showing their muscles
(Notice Moses is also dressed for summer weather)

Daddy and his girl

Happy Day!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life after the SNOW

So I just took a bunch of pictures off the camera this afternoon. I could post lots more pictures of icicles, snow and sledding but frankly I am getting tired of seeing them so I thought I would post a picture of what it looks likes when we come in from the snow. Just a glimpse. This is one of four children's articles of clothing strewn every which way. Spring please come soon.


Dear Zion,
I miss you.
Love, Moses

Rock Stars

So lately whenever I wear something remotely stylish or funky the kids will say I look like a rock star. It cracks me up and makes me feel good especially knowing very soon they will find their mom uncool ...so for now I am living up my rock star status!
The other afternoon the kids were feeling rambunctious and so was I. I blared the radio in the kitchen and we all grabbed our various utensil instruments and microphones and jammed. Laughter truly is good for your soul!