Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the joys of little boys

I love my little boys...

the dirty little fingers...

and the question of "why do i need to wash my hands before dinner mama?"....

and the frequently "watered" yard too!

Have a great Tuesday!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

cry baby

This morning I paid the doctor $40 to tell me that my kids have colds. I left feeling like such a dumb mom. I actually cried partly due to sleep deprivation, my hurt pride, and the 40 other ways I could have spent that $40. Pathetic I know.
I called Mark who said, "That's great honey, now you know what's wrong with them!". That's Mark often seeing the postive.
I never KNEW how much I looked at things negatively but marriage and parenting has a way of exposing things in our lives... the good and not so good. I don't want to be a cry baby. I want to change the lense I sometimes view life in and see things from God's perspective. When I do I see that I have things pretty stinkin' good!

Does it get any sweeter than this!
Thank you Jesus for the SO many gifts you have blessed me with!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dear God...

"I'm going to talk to God..." I heard Sarah say and saw her out of the corner of my eye go behind a tree. A few minutes later and she came over to me saying "He said JUST WAIT".
Confused I asked "What did you ask HIM?".
"I said Dear God can I have a willow tree and He said just wait". And she ran off to play.
Hmmm....we had just been at Willow Valley park and she loved playing beneath the old willows.
A few minutes later she told me "Sometimes God says Yes, sometimes he says No, sometimes he says wait, and sometimes he says it's just not time."
I was blown away...out of the mouths of babes...a sermon for the day. I was shocked. Later I realized she was reciting a line from a Hermie movie but regardless the willow tree prayer was all Sarah! Love that girl!

And on a different note. Hope is walking! She still crawls because it is faster but more and more she is walking and standing! I always marvel how the amazement of the first steps is not lost with each child!

I love this girl too!