Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sledding with the Cousins

Today we all headed south to visit Matt and Missy on the farm in Atglen. Moses and I were helping to put baby chicks in the chicken house so Heather, Silas and Sarah came for a visit. After lunch together Matt and I got our sledding crew together and headed out to the slopes.
We had an awesome day together. It was great to hang out with Matt and Missy and watch our kids play together. Thanks for a great day guys!

Here's the sledding brigade ready to brave the icy slopes

One of the things that Heather and I always appreciate about our time with Matt and Missy is watching them parent their children. Here is Matt giving Kaycee some comforting advice before she goes flying down a sheet of ice. It worked - she was our superstar on the slopes today - great job staying straight and staying on your sled Kaycee!

And they're off!

Coming up isn't as much fun as going down.

Kaden having a blast

Moses was a trooper today. When we got to the farm this morning he slipped while helping out and cracked his chin open on the ice - then after mastering the hill on his sled he decided to take daddy for a spin - I flipped the sled and Moses attacked the ice with his face. He came up a bit bloodied but kept sledding until we were all done. As you can see from the smile on his face he didn't let it slow him down at all. Great job buddy.

Enjoying a tasty treat after a long climb.

The last run of the day!

Awesome day-now it's time to go home.

Wintertime Friend

Tuesday and Wednesday brought some more winter weather which we thankful for. Moses had off school so we spent some time sledding. Even though there was a thick coating of ice over the snow he was determined to craft a snowman - so he did. Sarah crept out of the house while mommy was visiting with Regina and helped to finish off the project. Here are some shots of Moses and Sarah and their icy friend.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome Home!

We moved from Emerald Isle, North Carolina to Lancaster, PA on January 1st. It was an exciting way to start the New Year. We are renting a farmhouse on Pine View Dairy Farm. There are cows and calves right behind our house and even better fresh ice cream right next door. We love the house - it is perfect for our family and we are having fun getting settled in Lancaster. Here are some pics from a beautiful ice storm that greeted us during our first week on the farm. We are excited to be living here and Moses, Sarah and Silas are loving life in the old farmhouse.

Sledding at Pine View

We are settled into the Farmhouse at Pine View Dairy. Since we started planning the move from North Carolina to Lancaster Moses has been talking about snow. We woke up to a fresh blanket of snow and a 2 hour delay today! Moses and Sarah and I made our way to the store and purchased a sled...the rest is history. Here are some pics from our morning.