Thursday, June 6, 2013

a little pep talk.

Tomorrow is the last day of school. Well the last two hours really. But who's counting anyways. 

I'm here to give myself a pep talk. I love having my kids home. It feels right. Its why I contemplated home school (remember that short lived adventure). I love going to parks and fun places. Eating lunch every day together. Camp outs and barbecues. Making a summer full of memories.
But five kids home together every day all day also at times means more fighting, more laundry, more dishes, more energy....more of everything really.
But the more I travel on this path of motherhood I find that the one most important thing I can have is perspective. If there is utter chaos in the house and I have a good attitude then we are good. If there is fighting and dishes piled high and someone peed on the floor and I am struggling with perspective then the ship is sinking and we are all going down fast.

My problem is I know this. And I am a recovering perfectionist who at times can think everything is my fault. I am learning that it is okay if I mess up. His mercies are new every morning. God's not afraid of my mistakes. What is His grace if I do not receive it and extend it to my children? 

So, my pep talk is this...

Have fun. Laugh at yourself. 
Don't put too high of expectations on yourself or the kids.
 Eat a lot of icecream. 
Embrace the chaos. Whatever doesn't get done today will still be there tomorrow. 
Lift off the heavy yoke of "shoulds". 
Celebrate the good moments and try to forget the not so good ones.:) Extend grace and you will find it. 
If you are having a bad day load everyone into the air conditioned van, blast the worship music and start will probably start to feel better.
 Go swimming often. 
The crazy moments make the best blog entries.

It's going to be a great summer!


Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...
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Melissa King said...

hallelujah!! sing it sista'.

Angela said...

You're awesome! Happy Summer :)

The lady of the house... said...

ok, it's not right.
I miss you.
My husband misses your husband.
Summer is getting away.
if nothing else we'll get our girls together once everyone else gets on the bus, (and we can pray for them and contemplate not homeschooling).