Monday, March 16, 2009

A Season of Hope...

Well it has been a week now since we welcomed Hope into our family! The transition to four kids has gone well so far! Mark has been a huge help with the kids and the house and we have blessed with an abundance of food by family and friends. Thank you everyone!

It is hard to believe a week ago yesterday she was born. We were on our way home from a celebration at Matt and Missy's house when Moses told us that "we're going to Grandma's, yep, the baby's coming tonight" - we promptly dismissed his declaration and went on with our evening. We were cleaning up dinner and getting the kids ready for bed when I started having contractions. I had been having contractions off and on for the past month or more so I was not too concerned. We put the kids to bed and I decided to take a shower and lay down to see if the contractions would die down. Meanwhile Mark had suspicions that I was in labor so he called my mom to give her a heads up just in case. I got out of the shower and decided to pack my bag for the hospital when my water broke. All three of my other kids were born within an hour of my water breaking! My water had never broken at home though...we did not have much time. As soon as my water broke I started having really strong contractions. We ran around trying to get a bag ready and get into the car. We left the house around 9:00 and by the time we got to the hospital around 9:15 I was already 8 cm dilated. They rushed me back to a room and Hope Ireland was born less than a half hour later! We named her Hope because it seemed to fit with what God is to doing in this season of our lives and Ireland means "vibrant" and is also a tribute to her Irish heritage (on my side). So her name means "Vibrant Hope"!

We have been blessed by the addition that Hope is to our family. She brings peace & hope to those around her. Thank you Jesus for a season of Hope!

Three day old Hope

Tiny footsteps

Dreaming sweet dreams...

Sarah is a great big sister and a big help to Mommy!

Silas showing us that his new little sister has a nuk too!

We love you Hope!


Chuck and Hillary said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!! Glad to hear you are adjusting well. Can't wait to meet her and see you guys. (I'll be in PA next week) GREAT name by the way! Love you guys

Missy. said...

Yea...I kept checking and checking and checking. :) I am glad things are going well. You must have handled your first week MUCH MUCH better than I! She is so, so precious. Love the pic of her and Sarah. So funny. Will get Mo and Sarah sometime, this weekend will not work, we'll be in touch. Mis. :)

Ryan & Denise said...

She is a cutie. I love the name.. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

The lady of the house... said...

Hi Heather! Oh, what an encouraging post...I love reading about great labors and deliveries! We had both our boys here at home and hope to have this one here as well, (I'm due in 5 weeks). I truly enjoy the labor and delivery part of being pregnant!

I came upon your blog a few weeks ago and have had fun "catching up" on your life.

Blessings of Grace, peace and stamina as you Mother your little sheep!

Janelle Beiler-Stoltzfus