Thursday, April 2, 2009


Life has been a crazy blur since the birth of Hope. Most of you know we found out two days before Hope was born that we had to move from our current house (yes, the one that we just moved into in January). God worked it out that another farm house was available right around the corner in an even better setting than we are currently at. However we still need to pack up and move which is what we are doing this week. We move Saturday into our new home! Hopefully we can post some pictures of our new house and our beautiful new daughter soon! You can pray for us as we adjust to yet another transition. I guess it is true that the only constant thing in life is CHANGE!


The lady of the house... said...

WOW!! that's so much at once.
GREAT STRENGTH TO YOU TODAY....and especially on Saturday as you re-settle.

Joanna Chappell said...

heather/mark....we had no idea you guys were moving...we would have loved to help...heather, if you ever need a babysitter (sarah and silas) please call me .... my kids still talk about sarah and "silage", call me if you need some down time or time to upback without interruptions...AND I AM SERIOUS!!!!!...Love much, joanna

matthew and naomi said...

hey love
you can say that again but you are the PERFECT woman for all that change...proverbs 31:25"strength and dignity are her cloths, she can laugh at the days to come!" i love you heather....i pray strength for you this morning as you lavish love upon you kids and soak in the goodness of the Lord with the provision of your wonderful new house! He is so faithful....even when we're pooped out!:)
love ya

Hostetter6 said...

Hey guys! So sorry that it did not work for us to help on Saturday. We heard about your surprise helpers thought, which is so very awesome! Hope you are are beginning to get settled into your new home.

Heather, Chrissy Robinson will be bring dinner on Wednesday (4/8) and I'll be bringing dinner on Friday (4/10). Can't wait to see you again. When I come over, I'd love to set a date for you guys to come for dinner ... if you feel up to it!

Love, Nicole