Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vacation Time...

On Saturday we returned from a week at Ocean City New Jersey with the Buckwalters. We had beautiful weather and a great time hanging out as a family. There were 14 kids (11 under 6) and 10 adults and it was a fun week of biking, eating, laughing, watching movies, hanging out, sleeping, and just RELAXing. Here are some pictures from our vacation time!

Thanks everyone for such a wonderful week!

Family portrait

Daddy and the boys...

Ma-Maw and Pa-Paw and the fourteen kids!

Moses' s favorite part was bike riding on the boards and getting early morning donuts with Daddy at Browns.

Sarah's favorite part was playing with the girl cousins Zion and Kaycee! These three had such a great time together. What beauties!

Silas loved playing ball and running on the beach!

Mommy & Hopey

Hope did great on her first beach trip! Here she is sporting her bathing suit with a typical Hopey look on her face!

Mark being "super-dad". He gave me a couple of afternoons to myself to just sit and read on the beach! What bliss!

The caption says 'Mom & Dad Thanks for the dounuts". We had just finished devouring ours and saw the sign. Very fitting!

Love this picture! It is of one of the many sandcastles built this week.

Big brother Silas and Hope! He's so proud!

One of the special parts of this week was having Matt & Naomi and family up from North Carolina. We miss those guys so much and it was great to have a week to hang out and connect.

We love you guys. Thanks for the great family pictures!


Missy. said...

awesome pics. i really do want your camera info. i want your camera to play around with. :) in your spare time i mean. :) can you believe we have to wait a whole nother year for that fun? mis.

Brad, Carla, Addison & Hudson said...

The kids are adorable! They have grown so much since last summer. Hope we see you all again soon!

Anonymous said...

great pic guys...miss you already..it feels like such a long time ago.....congrats on your job mark..it sounds like the right match!
love you all

mom mom Susan said...

It is amazing to watch your family grow up. I find it interesting that Mark has a passion for photography - so does Brian Rich. Check it out at www.envisionphotoinc.blogspot.com.

Brian said...

you guys are kinda hard to keep up with! :) the last time we were in PA we found out you guys were no longer there. we miss you guys!!! we are so glad to hear from you. your family is beautiful. we look forward to keeping in touch with you. our email address is madeinhisimage@hotmail.com. blessings on your journey!

Brian and Amber Rich

Mr. and Mrs. B said...

Hey Heather!!
Love catching up with you through your pictures! It seems as though you're having a fabulous summer so far!
Our summer has been BUSY! Much more so than I thought it was going to be. It's really just gotten away from me :( Ava has camp next week every morning, but after that I believe that we'll be around most days until school starts the second week in September!