Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Silas Mark!

My little boy turns three today but he is not so little anymore. Just in the past two months he has grown up so much and now today he is three! This week was a BIG step for Silas as he gave up his nuks. We are still working on taking naps but he is doing a lot better than I thought he would! We even had a little nuk cutting ceremony!

Silas you bring so much joy to our hearts-you make us laugh with your crazy sense of humor and you make us smile with your tender heart. I love you bud! You are my special boy!

Silas being crazy!

Silas cracking up! He is full of j0y!

Silas as a newborn...check out the hair!

Love at first sight!

Silas and Daddy-see any resemblance?


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Missy. said...

Okay. So now I have Silas' present and yours still. That's pathetic. :) Oh how I love, love, love that precious picture and his hair. Just makes me want ta hold a baby...Mis.