Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lancaster Be at Rest...

Room with a View
This morning I spent an hour walking around in the snow enjoying myself and taking some pics. These are some of my favorites. I love photography, snow, old farms, stone buildings and unplanned days off. Enjoy.


The Olde Corn Crib at Blossom View

A Window in Time

The Coal Shed.

Gas Station

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Missy. said...

Man...if you like snow so much, old houses and farms, then maybe you should get your hiner over here because we need help. :) One house of chicks came yesterday, and the other 50,000 are scheduled tomorrow morning at 8 am. YIKES. I don't even think Highland Rd. will be open til then. :( we'll see. did love the pics, and I'm always in for a day off too. :) mis.