Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A first time for everything

So yesterday Hope woke up early from her nap. I went up once and laid her back down. A little while later I heard her crying but she still seemed tired so I decided to give her a few minutes to settle. A few minutes later it was quiet so I went back to what I was doing. Not long after that Silas went upstairs and was making noise so I followed after him saying "Shh...Hope is sleepin..." but I stopped short because there was Hope sitting in the hallway!!!!

Upon investigation there was a loose board in her crib and she somehow managed to push it out and squeeze through onto the humidifer and onto freedom! That's why it got so quiet! And I was glad Silas went upstairs when he did or who know's what that girl could have been up to! Needless to say Mark fixed the crib last night so we do not have any more escapees!

It is fun to see this girl's personality come out. She is a little bit like her big sister...very busy with a bit of spunk. She can quickly wreck a room by dumping baskets and pulling books rapidly off the shelves. It is funny how my girls were the dumpers but the boys were pretty easy to clean up after. Anyways...we love this little ham!


Anonymous said...

thats crazy! so glad she was ok! what a fun stage.....bless you and yours

Missy. said...

i love this picture of her. it's totally hilarious. wonder what's going on in her head. i guess it's time to have another baby, eigh? my kids never had enough time to figure out how to get out, because they were "kicked out" of the crib by then. :) what a cute story. mis.