Wednesday, June 9, 2010

cry baby

This morning I paid the doctor $40 to tell me that my kids have colds. I left feeling like such a dumb mom. I actually cried partly due to sleep deprivation, my hurt pride, and the 40 other ways I could have spent that $40. Pathetic I know.
I called Mark who said, "That's great honey, now you know what's wrong with them!". That's Mark often seeing the postive.
I never KNEW how much I looked at things negatively but marriage and parenting has a way of exposing things in our lives... the good and not so good. I don't want to be a cry baby. I want to change the lense I sometimes view life in and see things from God's perspective. When I do I see that I have things pretty stinkin' good!

Does it get any sweeter than this!
Thank you Jesus for the SO many gifts you have blessed me with!


Missy. said...

we are all here cracking up at Hopey...and wondering what she is so upset about? thankful you only spent $ doc costs $60 to walk thru the door, and if i take more than one, it's multiplied. yikes. the bright side. :) mis.

Anonymous said...

love it heather. i was in cry baby land myself the other day, but having Gage has put much in perspective! tell sarah her card was perfect timing, i got it out of the mail just as we pulled home yesteday.

o yeah, he took his first steps when he got here too!