Monday, January 16, 2012

our farm girl

 Sarah has become a regular little farm girl....confirmed recently by her increasing love of animals. We dog sat recently for a weekend and Sarah fell in love. She now wants a dog along with the horse she wanted so badly for Christmas. Being the great mom that I am I bought her a toy horse for Christmas :). Maybe one of these days this mama will be stretched and we will get some animals down home on the farm but till then here are two of my favorites of Sarah and Bear....

Sarah is also loving her bright pink camera she got for Christmas and these days she can be seen snapping shots with Daddy( check out I love this picture because she just lost her top front tooth and is wearing the new look well!

I love this girl!

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consume me... said...

I always had this great "romanticized" idea of my kids and man's best friend...they'd go for long walks, sleep in the same bed...all those things kids dream of. Each attempt I made to make this dream happen {and there were many} were a fail! This year I decided I had one last chance to make it happen...timing was right, {finally} picked the right breed, and we are attempting to make it happen. Best invention ever made- dog crates...saving my life at this very minute!
Scarlett is going to puppy school soon...cause no dream happens without a little help.
The dog looks like she is at home in your pictures..just saying.
{And your Farm Show tag-along...she is a keeper- thanks for loving on her!}