Friday, September 13, 2013

proof that love does get better with time.

 Tomorrow Mark and I celebrate eleven years of marriage. While looking through some pictures I came across our engagement photos. I  hesitated to even post any of them. They are awkward and embarrassing and seriously lacking. But it is part of our journey and proof that love really does get better (and more attractive and stylish and passionate and sweeter) with time... So go ahead and have a good laugh. I did.

Happy Anniversary Mark. It really has been a sweet journey. I look at that guy in those pictures and don't even know him anymore really. I love who we have become together. It really does keep getting better and I know there is more ahead.... i love you!


Melissa King said...

this is so hilarious. people keep commenting about mark, and his dorky pants, :) but heather, you don't even look the same. at all. i would not even recognize you walking down the street from years ago. really. craziness. funny you mentioned akward. you do look a little bit akward, and now. you are not. ;) happy anniversary!

susan said...

Happy Anniversary! It get sweeter each year as you let God mold you in His image. Our will be 36 next month.
BLESSINGS on many more years together.

Joanna Chappell said...

Happy anniversary ..... you gave Jon some really good laughs!! He loved it!!! Especially Mark's doc Martin shoes!!