Friday, December 27, 2013

the most wonderful time of the year....

 We had a great Christmas and there is still more celebrating to come. One of our favorite parts of Christmas besides all the presents and partying is having Daddy home! 

 And of course food...lots and lots of food. The kids and I had fun making these little elves out of grapes, strawberries, bananas and marshmallows!

Mark totally me surprised me with a computer which I am now writing on. Our computer was on its last leg and we had issues with pictures. So excited to be able to blog and write again. Something that has been on my heart to do more of in 2014.
Mark also got me a canvas of the family picture on our header. I love it. Totally one of my favorite presents!
My sister Liz also surprised me with a present that went right to the heart.
The two days before Christmas I was struggling with feeling like a failure as a mom. The excitement levels in our house were high and the kids were literally running in circles. "It's Christmas time" i snapped at them as they were fighting. Okay now who has the issues?
Ugh. I felt like I kept doing what I didn't want to do...
Liz had a jump drive included in her present to me. On it was a video her and the kids made for me. It was the kids saying all the things they loved about me. From the first sentence I was in tears. I sat on the couch at my parent's house and cried. It was a reminder that my kids don't always see me the way I see myself.
I mess up but I am not defined by mistakes.
It is a present I will watch again and again when I need some perspective and encouragement! (thanks again Liz!) 

 "Let the weary world rejoice for yonder breaks a new and glorious dawn..." 
~O Holy Night

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