Friday, June 12, 2015

sweet summertime.

Ahh sweet summertime. Welcome to the days of no schedule, afternoons at the pool, popsicles, sunkissed faces and evenings of eating dinner under the canopy of trees. And welcome to the days of  "what are we doing today?" on repeat, chasing a toddler around the pool while enviously watching other moms sit and tan, navigating grocery stores with a small herd and just overall more messes everywhere.
It is such a mix. There is more fun and more chaos. More time together and more fighting.
Each year as the kids get older and I see how quickly the school years fly I find myself wanting to enjoy and savor the time together that summer brings. Some days this can be a battle, okay, a lot of days it is. Mostly it is a battle of perspective. I cannot control every outcome. Kids are going to fight as much as I hate it. And there are going to be some crazy hair pulling moments.

 But there are going to to be sweet memories made. We will spend many fun times together. There will be moments I want to freeze in time.  

This is summer. This is life.
We welcome you summertime and all that you bring. 

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Angie Myer said...

Enjoy your summertime! :) I'm trying to keep things in perspective, too! I smiled when I saw your "BE KIND" chalk sign -- I have the exact same words written on my little chalk board :)