Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Update on Life..

We have been busy, busy, busy since Thanksgiving! It was officially decided after Thanksgiving that we are moving back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania! We are excited for all that life holds for us back home! It is bittersweet leaving Emerald Isle but we know the next season holds good things for us. We are moving January 1st so needless to say there has been a flurry of activinty in our home as we get ready for Christmas and try to pack up our house (with three little kids and a baby on the way too!) :)

We have managed to enjoy the holiday season though and took a trip to Mike's Christmas Tree Farm where we went on hayride to see the light show, picked out our Christmas tree & drank hot chocolate! Sarah and I also went to see the Nutcracker Ballet together. In addition we had a cookie bake with Naomi, Denise, Hilary and 10 kids where we spent the day baking (and eating) cookies. So we are getting into the Chrismas spirit!

Happy Holidays!


laura sue said...

we are so excited and can't wait to see all of you!

Aaron and Kristen said...

Oh wow Heather!
I'd love to reconnect after you return and life has settled down a bit!
I hope your enjoy your last family Christmas in NC!
~Kristen :)

The lady of the house... said...

Heather, peace to you as you pack up and head out of your home into another home. it's harder with children, getting all their things packed up too, and being pregnant makes one weary at times, but it seems this is a good "nesting" time and the energy will be there....AND you can still bend over!! :-)
I look forward to seeing you again once you are settled.