Thursday, August 6, 2009

Miss Sarah turns Four...

Our little Sarah turned four at the end of July. We had a special day celebrating together. Sarah started out the day by saying "Mom I need a four year old shirt to wear". Luckily I had just the thing...a cinderella shirt I had gotten just for the occasion! We baked and decorated cupcakes in the morning then in the afternoon Sarah picked herself a birthday boquet. Picking flowers is one of her favorite things to do. She seems to have a natural green thumb (she gets it from both her grandmas)! Then she got to go on a motorcycle ride down the lane with Daddy and get pushed on the swings. We had her favorite meal of tacos and opened presents in the evening.
We love you Sarah! Know you have a special place in our family that no one can replace! We are proud of the BIG girl you are growing up to be!

The cupcakes decorated by Sarah herself....she is becoming quite the little helper in the kitchen (when she wants to be I should add) :)
This is Sarah after she opened up her present of some dress-ups and jewelry. What a princeess!

Swinging on the swings...another one of her favorites.

Just me & Daddy

Happy Birthday Sarah!

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