Thursday, August 6, 2009

Snapshots of Summer

Our corn just came in so we picked about 4 dozen (maybe one fifth of what is out there) and husked and froze about 3 dozen this morning. This is our first year doing a garden and we are having fun doing it as a family. The kids have learned how to peel corn, dig pototoes, pick zucchini, cut zinnias and weed the garden and really seem to be enjoying it...especially Sarah. That girl can tell you what is a plant and what's a weed better than I can sometimes.
Here's some shots from this mornings corn picking and a few other shots of summertime here on the farm...

Here is Sarah with a bucket of pototoes straight from the garden!

Just some summertime fun!

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Missy. said...

Holy Moley girl. Did you pick your busiest day of the summer to post on your blog or what? That corn sure will taste good this winter, eigh? Take care. Mis.