Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Little More Hope

Here's a few more pictures of our little Hope. Her personality seems to be coming out more every day. I can see how her name is fitting to her personality and the hope and joy she exudes. Yesterday at an appointment with all four kids we were sitting in the waiting room and everyone was impatient and melting down. There was a five year old Hispanic girl who started jumping up and down on her seat and when she did her long black hair would bounce. Hope found this hilarious and began to laugh and squeal at this girl like I have never seen before. Soon everyone in the waiting room was laughing out loud with Hope and the frustration of the wait disapperared.
So be filled with Hope today!

P.S. Check out my girl's rolls! It makes me smile!


Ryan and Denise said...

she is so cute! and your above most made me laugh so hard!

Brian & Amber said...

how old is she??? she is adorable! i am a little jealous of all those rolls...my little guy doesn't seem to be putting on the pounds.