Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beach Trip

Two weeks ago we headed to Ocean City New Jersey for an extended weekend with my (Heather's) family at my grandparent's beach house. We had a fun time walking the boards, biking, riding the ferris wheel, going to the park and eating good food. Here are a few snapshots of our time together.
Early morning bike ride with Daddy

Eating donuts at Browns

Hope waiting in line for the Ferris Wheel

Riding bikes on the board walk...I might add Sarah screamed and cried the whole way back to the house while strangers looked at my cross-eyed....though the first half of our ride was fun. We stopped at the arcade and pretended to ride the rides! Cheap fun!

My mom used to collect Mr. Peanut memorabilia so we took her picture with him!

My grandfather giving Sarah a ride on his scooter!

The ferris wheel. See how high we are and no seat belts or bar to hold us in!
I used to love rides as a kid but I honestly was freaked out by the ferris wheel. We got stopped at the very top and were just swinging in the air and my palms got sweaty and my heart started racing! They were all laughing at me but I was so relieved when the ride was over!

Hopey at the park

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