Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Four going on Fourteen...

So...Sarah started preschool last week. She is going three days a week and needless to say is loving it! On the first day of school I walked her to her class and she hardly said good bye. She just went right in and came home all smiles telling me all about her teachers and new friends. The next day she said "can you just drop me off and not walk me to my class"! Little Miss Independence! She is really growing up! We are so proud of you Sarah...you are our special girl!

On a side note. Silas is missing his big brother and sister. He almost does not know what to do. He wants to know when he is going to school. So I said we would have "mommy school" which usually means going to the store, or helping with wash or playing trains or whatever we decide to to do that day! Silas especially misses Sarah. Twice in the past two days I heard him calling "mama" so I answered him only to have him reply "Not you my other mama"...meaning Sarah. I just cracked up laughing. She really is like a mother hen sometimes. Got to love big sisters.

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matthew and naomi said...

dear sarah,
we are so excited for you and that you love preschool! you are definitely growing up! zion is doing ballet and she's also doing an extra performance of "the nutcracker". so she gets to practice her dance a few times a week which is soo fun for her! she missed you much and can't wait to see you again
l love you!
aunt naomi