Thursday, October 1, 2009

Confessions of a Pet Lover????

I have never been much of an animal lover...I have been known to kick at cats and run from dogs! But in July we recieved two kittens when someone randomly dropped them off on our farm lane. We decided to feed them and name them Smokey and White Socks. Smokey was especially friendly and friends of ours fell in love with him so he moved onto a new home but White Socks stayed and we slowly became fond of him too. Today as I was driving I saw some roadkill right in the middle of the road so I slowed down only to see that it was White Socks! I surprised myself by starting to cry! I guess that is what happens when you open your heart to love ...even a cat!

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Missy. said...

Oh man. I am the same way. A few months ago, 4 very friendly "house" kittens were dropped off here...Kaden's favorite, "Blackey" usually follows us the end of the lane to pick up kaden from the school bus, etc. Today, was a special day. She followed us ALL THE WAY TO SCHOOL...and Kaden walked in the door, and I turned around to leave, and some nice lady, scooped up Blackey, and said, "where did you come from?" and GOT IN HER CAR WITH MY CAT! Can you believe it? Scooped my Blackey right off the side walk, and drove away with her...I am still in shock, and was way to shy to say anything...She didn't even look around, and ask someone, or anything. (And part of me didn't want to be accused of being a bad "mom" for letting a cat follow us to school...)I just don't know what I am going to tell kaden now? hmmmm.