Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hope turns ONE!

My baby turned ONE yesterday... it is hard to believe a year ago Hope Irleand joined our family. She brings great joy to us. I realized this even more last week when she was sick with a case of RSV and popping her molars through at the same time and she was just not her usual joyful happy self. It made me so grateful for the content happy baby she is!
We love you Hopey. You have changed so much over the past year. We can't wait to see what this next year holds. Before we know it you will be out running in the yard with the rest of the kids. I can't wait...but at the same time I am cherishing these last "baby moments" because more than ever I see how fast they go by. So Happy First Birthday Hope. We LOVE you!


AmyK said...

That's the greatest party hat ever.

Shar said...

Thanks for the message! I must admit that I've seen your blog a couple of times as well...always LOVE "meeting" families that are in similar stages to our own! Your kids are beautiful! Would be great to meet up sometime...but I'm not quite sure where you guys are at?

Anonymous said...

love the update heather....hopie looks SOOOO big! your a great photographer! i can feel sarahs anticipation for spring just can't imagine getting the suit out yet....ha! tell moses zion loved the note...she misses him too! hopefully see you soon!