Friday, February 11, 2011

i am a good mother

Yesterday I came across an essay contest in a parenting magazine. The assignment: Write why you are a a good mother in 75 words or less. I scoffed at the idea. After all I am one who at the end of the day will list all the ways I messed up in my mothering. I disqualifed myself from such a contest in 2.5 seconds. But I felt the Lord stirring in my heart. "Write the essay"...

I realized it is a lot easier to write about where I failed or funny mistakes I made instead of where I have excelled. The other day I met with a newer mom and half way through our talking it dawned on me how she sees an experienced mom who has it all together. It was funny because I don't see myself that way at ALL but realized I have learned a few things along this journey of mothering.
So here is the essay. Whether I send in what I wrote or win...I don't really care. I know it was good for me to write it out and let the Lord minister this truth to my spirit...I am a good mother.

Try it  and you might just find out that you are a good mother too.

I am a good mother not because I never yell or mess up but for everyday little choices to love. Stories instead of dishes. Frantic waves at the bus stop. Playing in the snow instead of sitting by the fire. Kissing their Daddy unashamed. Craft time when I would rather be doing anything else. Special treats just because. Wiping noses and little behinds. Listening. Praying. And pointing them to the One who is love.

P.S. So after writing this my morning swirled into chaos and I was wondering what  prompted me to write anything ever about mothering. But then today at Goodwill when leaving Sarah stopped to clean up the toys...unprompted...cleaned up the cruddy toy area at Goodwill. I stood amazed and thought I must be doing something right! :)


Missy. said...

you are SUCH a good mom! great essay. send it. mis.

p.s. i am the one sitting by the fire. :) oh well.

mom mom Susan said...

The Bible says "Train up a child in the way he should go" You are training your children to be responsible, loving, Jesus people. Blessings!

Jeff said...

YOU most CERTAINLY are a SPECTACULAR mother... and don't you forget it!

Jonathan said...

I love you. You are amazing! At so many things!

Jonathan said...

last comment was Janelle, not jonathen=-)