Friday, February 25, 2011

a little surprise

Mark surprised me with this little match box holder this week. I loved it. In both the words on the box and the mesage from my husband's heart.
We had just been talking about how cool it would be to sometime get an old Buckwalter stove. And the next day I saw "Buckwalter Stove..." on the top of an email in our inbox and another email saying "your package is on its way". I started to panic first of all because I was afraid that I might have stumbled upon an email that was meant to be a surprise and second of all because Buckwalter Stoves cost a lot of money.
I love surprises but I am classic at ruining knowing when he was going to propose or sniffing out my christmas presents or stumbling upon emails....So I went to Mark and told him that I might have read an email I wasn't supposed to and tried to read him to see if he bought the stove. He knows me too well, "No I did not buy you a stove." I tried to press him some more but decided I should just wait and be surprised.
And I was surprised after all. I love the little things he does to share his love with me. Thanks Mark...

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Sabrina said...

I like you guys. :)