Sunday, October 7, 2012


So you wonder what it is like to have five kids? Well you have unending piles of wash, maybe lose a few kids at the local fair, and you post your baby's four month pictures well after they turn five months. Oh and you are never ever bored. Tired maybe. Overstimulated yes. But never a dull moment! 

Miss Eden is five months old now and such a sweetie. Lots of giggles and smiles. Starting to love watching the kids and there is always someone or something to watch. So much so that my girl also loves her bed and is getting into more of schedule in nap taking. I don't blame her ....the quiet hum of the fan and the light coming through the window warming up the room does look quite inviting. :)
Eden is also a snuggler and loves to be held and kissed. And as tiring as it can be to try to hold her and make dinner or nurse her at random hours of the night there is also something so special about her sweet baby smell, her adoring eyes, and ways she grasps hold of my finger while she eats...

Oh I love this little girl.

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