Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I have recently come across some motherhood quotes that have made me smile. It is always encouraging to know I am not alone on this journey and to be spurred on in the day to day.

on the craziness of motherhood...

I love my children and I'm thankful down to my bones for them. I would throw myself in front of a bus for them but sometimes can't manage to find the energy to get them another cracker.
And that is the crazy we call parenthood.

on the value of children and how the world views them...

"If you are just looking for sympathy and an eye roll about the work you do, just mention you have children to someone at the grocery store." 
Rachel Jankovic

(and by the way this is so true. i get comments every time i go to the grocery store..both good and bad)

And for those nights when the children are tucked into bed and you feel human again and can't remember why you were so frustrated a few hours before,

" I am such a great mom during this time of day. I should write a book about how calm and levelheaded I am between the hours of 8:30 and 6:00 am not to mention how quiet and obedient the children are. I whisper "sleep" and they go, keeping on in their slumber without objection. I really got this "parenting overnight" thing down.

Jeane Miller,

on remembering to laugh...

"I truly believe that one of the greatest skills a mother can have is a sense of humor."

Rachel Jankovic

on the reality that this is what i was created to do....


Angie Myer said...

Those quotes are so good! Thanks for sharing the super-cute pictures too! :)

Melissa King said... the first picture. all are engaged with eden...except moses who is engrossed in his book. hilarious.