Thursday, May 16, 2013

mothering IS worship.

I feel closest to the Lord when I sing. When I open up my mouth and let a song come forth my spirit connects with God. I often feel His presence and love. 
Today was one of those times. I was on my way to Target and turned on some music. I began to sing and suddenly God was there in the van with me speaking His love and reminding me of who I am. I was crying at His goodness. It was going to be a good day!

I stepped out of the van and loaded the kids in the cart. Ten minutes into our shopping experience Eden was fussing and wanting out of the cart, Hope was whining, Silas was restless and I was losing it. How did I go from worshiping and feeling God's presence to this? Talk about from heaven back to earth!

I left Target feeling frustrated. Why do I so quickly vacillate? God's love for me did not change because my shopping experience was far from perfect. Then it hit me that it is a matter of perspective. Mothering is worship! It is a matter of seeing it as that. And knowing He is just as close when I am wrestling a wiggly baby as He is when I am pouring my heart out in song. I know all this in my head but was reminded again in my heart that this thing called mothering really is is pouring my heart out in a song. I just need to keep singing.

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