Monday, June 3, 2013

so long may.

Dear May,
How did you go by so fast? 
You were filled with lots of end of the school year fun like field trips to the zoo, Olympic Day, and the school picnic.  School is winding down.
 It was a month of pulling the shorts out of the drawers and the popsicles out of the freezer. During your stay we slowly started spending more time on the porch and in the yard then in the house and it is a nice change. We have enjoyed the smell of fresh cut grass on our new-to-us mower and bike rides on our new-to-us bikes. We have loved the addition of a tire swing in the big old tree in our front yard. It feels like home.
We grieved the loss of Mark's grandma but rejoiced in her life. We traveled to North Carolina to celebrate a graduation and a new baby for Ryan and Denise and partied with my sister and our good friend Jed as they graduated college. There have been may cookouts and many more to come. And though you have come and gone in a blur we are excited that summer is now upon us.
 Thank you for the many great memories. 
June we welcome you with a sense of anticipation. 
love, Heather

One of Sarah's desires for the summer was to create a blog. She has a love for writing.
and is always drawing, writing and creating. So last week I decided to let her start her blog. She was ecstatic.  It has been fun to see what she writes about and awesome to see her come alive in writing. If you want to check out life from a seven year old perspective go to:

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