Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Happy 40th Birthday to the man I am privileged to call husband, best friend and father of my children!

Here is 40 pictures for 40 years and 40 reasons I love you! 

I love you!

1. I love your passion even from a young age!

2. This is how you looked when we first met. I was drawn to your zeal for the Lord. I still love that about you!

3. You are a great Uncle!

4. I love your love for books, history and writing. Your journaling was one of the first things that sparked my interest! 

5. I love that you love the outdoors. This reminds me of our boys playing outside with sticks and forts!

6. I love your heart for the generations, for the southern end, for family roots.

7. I love you for your style.

8.  I love how you love people and invest yourself in so many people's lives. 

9. I love that you are a story teller.

10. I love that you have a motorcycle and that it brings you life.

11.  I love how you teach the boys about sports and football. You are their hero!

12. I love watching you father our daughters.

13. I love dates with you. 

14. I love how far we have come and how you make me a better woman! Our love keeps getting better with time!
15. I love your rugged good looks!

16. I love laughing with you! I think we laugh now more than ever and I hope that we only learn to laugh more as we get older!

17. I love your sense of humor!

18. I love the special father son bond you have with Moses! You are a great Daddy!

19. I love that you push others to live life to the fullest!

20. I love that you are the father to my children.

21. That little smirk right there...I love that. And the dimple too!
22. I love our love!

23. I love your strong arms that hold me and carry our children.

24. I love sitting on the porch drinking coffee and dreaming together and occasionally taking self timer pictures too!

25. I love campfires with you and sitting outside under the stars.

26. I love the way you father our sons.

27. I love that you play with our children in the snow. You are way more fun than me!

28. I love that you teach the boys about hard work and how to be a man!

29. I love taking pictures with you! Thanks for capturing so many memories for us to remember!

30. I love the connection you have with Matt and am so blessed that Matt & Naomi aren't just family but our best friends! And I love all the memories we have made together!

31. I love the way you have walked with me through the losses. This is a picture of me pregnant with the twins.  The losses only made our love stronger. 

32. I love how you love to celebrate whether it is Christmas, birthdays or a friday night!

33. I love the farm boy in you!

34. I love how you make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when I am with you.

35. I love how you push me out of my comfort zone and I love experiencing new things with you! Here we are at my first Phillie's game :)

36. I love how you encourage my ideas whether it is a photo shoot in the yellow flowers, rearranging furniture or doing a garden. I love how we work together!

37. I love road trips with you!

38. I love your tender heart.

39. I love your sense of adventure.

40. I love how you help others to reach their potential and how you never stop dreaming!

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