Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hello. Shut up!

I was standing over the dishwasher mechanically unloading the silverware, my mind however was lost in a wrestling match, at war with itself. My swirling thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Hope's raspy voice from the across the kitchen. She was sitting at the table with her play phone in hand. 
"Hello!" she said loudly, "Shut up!" and slammed down the phone. 
I went into mother mode, "Hope that is not a nice way to talk!"
Her response, "I was talking to Satan."

I turned back to emptying the dishwasher to muffle my laugh when suddenly it dawned on me what I had just been doing seconds before the phone call. Or rather what I should have been doing. At times I think that just because a thouhgt comes into my mind I need to listen to it when in reality there are times I just need to say, "Hello! Shut up! I don't have to listen to you!"

Lessons from a five year old are the best.

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Not Your Ordinary Anything said...

this is amazing!! (can't help but wonder if that is what hope was really pretending, or if she is just that quick on her feet.)