Thursday, September 25, 2014

holding tight to love.

 When I wrote the anniversary blog post a few days ago I was feeling very lovey dovey. Life was good and I was declaring our love. A few short hours later, after the post school craziness and the dinnertime madness, I wasn't feeling a lot of warm fuzzies... particularly towards this man.
After some heated moments Mark joked and asked me if I wanted to rewrite my blog post. I didn't find it as humorous as he did. The truth is I often get tested on the words I write. I was declaring our love for one another and hours later I find myself on the other side of the couch glaring at him wondering where those glowing words were because all I felt was disappointment.
What changed?


I feel like a lot of our fights and frustrations stem from the expectations we carry for each other. These pictures were taken from our vacation this summer where we kept finding ourselves stumbling into arguments about the stupidest things. Halfway through the week we both recognized the expectations we had for each other and were able to apologize and have a great week. But it wasn't after some messy frustrating moments.

We both have high expectations in life and for each other and it is learning to give each other and ourselves grace and lots of it. And also communicating with each other what is going on. That is huge. 

Sometimes we stumble and fight and put expectations on each other. 
And sometimes my chest feels like it could burst with the love I have for this man.

Some days it feels like a roller coaster with all the emotions...

But I think that is love.
And I am glad to be on the ride with him.  

I am holding tight to love.

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Anonymous said...

I am so thankful for you- and how you share your heart and it makes me feel a little less crazy! :)

love ya!