Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thirty one days.

So I have been reading one of my favorite blogs The Nesting Place for about four or five years now. Every year the Nester hosts a thirty one day writing challenge for the month of October. You pick one topic to write about for the entire month as a way to stretch yourself as writer. Thousands of women across the country are linking in and writing on all different things. I decided to join the challenge this year. It was silly how insecure I felt as I decided to go for it. The idea of linking in and letting the world in on my little old blog felt like being pushed out of my comfort zone. I felt insecure about my writing, the blog and life in general which was missing the whole point which is to write and be stretched in my writing and creativity.
 So I am pushing past all the voices in my head and will be writing here for the next thirty one days. 

If for some reason you have found your way here. Welcome. I am humbled to have you!

Recently we were sitting across from a young couple. "So how did you two meet", they asked leaning forward in their seats. We were gathered around the old farm table, remnants of dinner still remaining. The farm table that has fork marks, initial carvings, permanent marker and crumbs in the cracks. The  table that has held a decade worth of meals, conversations, tears and laughter. 
It is around this table we share the stories of our lives, how we met, how we fell in love. Stories of love and of loss. 
For the next 31 days I envision conversations like the ones shared around the table, pieces of our love story shared amongst the dishes, remnants of dinner and spilled water on the floor. (Because it is never really dinner time at our house until someone spills their water). It might be messy at times but that is real life. 
Our love story is something we have often wanted to write about so I thought this would be a good chance to stretch me to write some of it. I am not really sure where I am going with all of this but I think that is what is good. Because that is kind of how life is.