Monday, May 31, 2010

The Gift of an Ordinary Day

jumping for joy because the garden is ready to plant

mama working in the garden

crawling to daddy

big brothers helping little sister walk

watching the garden get plowed

eating a popsicle for the first time

running through the meadow

wrestling with daddy after dinner

I was at the library this week and the title of this book caught my eye "Ordinary Days...Family Life in a Farmhouse". That sounded like my life so I picked it up. It is written by a mennonite woman with six kids living on a farm in Oregon. Although there were differences in our lives I was blessed by the book. She used humor and everyday stories from her life to show how we can appreciate the oridinary days of mothering. I read almost the entire book in one afternoon while sitting in the leather chair sipping iced tea (NOT an ordinary day!). The last paragraph of the book says this,

"I have a new awareness of the preciousnes of the people I love. Too often, I realized, I had taken my family for granted and complained that my life wasn't exciting. Now I began to understand theat even the most ordinary moments are treasures, priceless and fragile...
I thank God for the incredible gift of an ordinary day."

Amen. Here's to enjoying the ordinary days of life and thanking God for all the gifts He has blessed me with!

Happy Memorial Day!


Missy. said...

let me know if you ever need help in the garden...i would be happy to come up for the day and let the chaos roll. you will be busy...i know i am...and mine is just little. :) have a good one. mis.

The lady of the house... said...

hi Heather~it's been too long. I enjoy your company, but your blog will do for now!! Your garden looks amazing! You are one hard workin' Mama!!

This post was especially beautiful. Normal day, let me be aware of the blessing you are!

We have SO MUCH don't we? Thanks again for the reminder....

stop in again.