Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Parenting 101

*me and the kids eating out of the cool whip container*

Last week I started to re-read this parenting book a friend had given me. It was really ministering to me and I was thinking how good it would be to hear this guy talk in person. A few days later I saw my friend who told me this guy was speaking at her church! So last night Mark and I drove to Harrisburg to hear Danny Silk speak on "Loving Your Kids on Purpose". It was so good! I sat there and laughed and cried and left so encouraged and challenged.

This morning I was talking to the kids about Mark and I going back to the conference again tonight and Moses exclaimed "Didn't they talk about everything in one night!" I just laughed. I feel like so much of parenting right now is what God is doing in ME versus me teaching the kids anything but I guess that's why you can't learn it all in ONE night.

So then Moses went on to say he thought a good parent was"one who does not yell." (ouch). Sarah thought i was a good parent but could be giving her more candy and other things she likes (interesting). The point being, I feel like I have so much to learn right now and i am seeing some patterns that i have established already that i do not like and sometimes the stuff that comes out of me is not pretty. I am looking forward to going back tonight and hearing more but recognizing I can't get it all in ONE night and God is full of grace and patience and as He works these things in me...hopefully I can pass them onto my kids!


Shar said...

Sounds like a great book, in need of a good read right now that I can take something away and work on! At times I feel like I am never going to be all I should/could be in my role as a mother and wife, but I guess it is just taking one day, one moment at a time and leaning on the one that is so much more than it all! Love your blog and always come away encouraged!

AmyK said...

I was thinking recently about this post and your post about fear. I've realized that so much of my parenting (already!) is driven by fear - fear of doing something wrong, of causing "bad" habits, etc.

Fear is such a powerful thing, I'm realizing how it worms its way into everything.

Anyway, thanks for your authentic posts - they encourage me!!