Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the graduate...

Miss Sarah is officially a preschool graduate. Last Friday was her last day of school and her graduation ceremony. Preschool was a great experience for her and she really blossomed and grew over the past year.
This week has been difficult with the transition but i am learning that transition or change of season is always hard for her. I am looking forward to not having to run around so much in the mornings and anticipating a fun summer with the kids. Sarah will be in kindergarten next year which seems to hit home how fast they really do grow up. I will have two kids in school-how is that possible!
Here are a few shots of her graduation! Enjoy!
Sarah and her teacher, Miss Jen, a little teary eyed! Sarah really loved her teachers!
Sarah on stage doing her beauty queen wave to me!

Sarah and her two favorite friends from preschool, Eli and Brinn, doing a song and dance!

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