Monday, September 13, 2010

Eight Years and Counting... was eight years ago today on a fall afternoon in a grassy meadow on my parent's farm that we said "I do". I don't think we would have imagined how good and yet how different than we thought life has been. It has been full of joy, life, adventure, and some hard times too but I would do it all over again ...even the moves ( all eight of them) because I know God has purposes in everything. :)

So to celebrate here is eight pictures celebrating eight years of marriage and eight reasons I love you, Mark Buckwalter!

1. I love going to, visiting, and even living at the beach with you. So, so many awesome memories at the BEACH...

2. I love how you bring out the best in me...I feel most beautiful and at rest in your presence

3. I love your family and being a Buckwalter! :)

4. I love pursuing the Lord together and ministering to the hearts of people.

(Side note: I found this picture from when we were dating...over eight years ago. It makes me smile. I am wearing a bright orange t-shirt and very out of date jean shorts and Mark is wearing his "Mighty Warrior" t-shirt TUCKED into his gym shorts. So...we were not the most stylish but we were going for it with all our hearts!)

5. I LOVE being LOVED by you!

6. I love having date nites and going on adventures with you....even when I drag my feet sometimes! :) I love the romantic in you!

7. I love devouring whole plates of nachos (0r huge bowls of popcorn) while snuggling on the couch watching a movie with you. You will even watch chic flicks with me...I couldn't ask for a better best friend!

8. I love creating memories with you-like this one in Hawaii. Let's create some more in the years to come...

I Love You! Happy Anniversary!


Anonymous said...

Mark & Heather,

Great to see the images of your celebration of 8 years! It was great to see the image of us together that Jeremy took - it is funny I just found that CD of photos and looked at them last week.

Happy Anniversary!

Missy. said...

Happy Anniversary! Here's to many, many more...and 8 moves...are you kidding me? wow. cheers. mis.

Anonymous said...

hey loves
the pics are great! judah thought mark looked a little amish in the last pic.......had to laugh....we love you guys!