Friday, September 10, 2010

Living Room

I have been very intrigued lately by a blog called resolved2worship (google it if you want to check it out). Anyways...she is a year older than me with seven children! She is gorgeous, takes great pictures and has some interesting stuff to say on mothering and life. She seems well, perfect, but i guess we all can appear that way in blog land.
Yesterday I was reading her blog and she talked about how she took all the furniture out of her living room and replaced it with blue gym mats. The living room was not being used that much and she wanted to provide a place where her kids could be free to wrestle, build forts ect. since they tended to do that on the furniture anyways. She talked about giving room to live...because they grow up way too fast.
Although I am not going to take apart my living room I was definitely convicted because wasn't I just complaining on the blog how my kids were dismantling the furniture? I want them to have room to live and be free to be kids even if my house does not always look "pretty" all the time. This is easier said than done...

We are expecting baby #5 and in the midst of feeling tired and nauseous, I have realized that there is still more I need to let go of...expectations of myself, the kids, and what the house should look like. Why is it so hard sometimes to just let go?
So here is to giving room to live and letting go and enjoying this crazy, awesome, sometimes hard but oh so good life of mine!


Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing the resolved2worships blog...I have really been blessed and encouraged as I read through it. I always am by yours too...I have days where I don't know how I can handle my own two children, and am encouraged reading through your daily "mom" moments. Congratulations to you as well! That's very exciting ;)

AmyK said...

I've been reading that blog too! And congratulations to you and Mark with #5 on the way!!!