Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jesus and the Twins

Yesterday before I drove Heather to the doctors office I was praying in my truck. Trying to be at rest and also wanting to make sure that if there was something that I needed to be made aware of that I was listening. As I prayed I saw a picture. It was of Jesus taking these twins into His arms, they were smiling and crawling up in His arms. As Jesus started moving towards heaven with them in his arms he looked back at Heather and I. It was like we were dropping off our children at one of our parents houses for a weekend away or a date night. He looked at us with eyes that said, "they'll be here when you get back - you just go and have a good time - do what you're supposed to do. They'll be fine here with me."

That picture was very comforting as we left the doctor's office yesterday. We didn't see the miracle that we were hoping for - but as a good friend wrote in an email explaining our situation to those that have been praying for us, "the twins have gone to be with Jesus." So we continue to thank God for his goodness to us and even though we don't understand everything we know that He is moving all around us through this. Please continue to pray for Heather as the next steps in this process unfold.

Thank you all for believing for a miracle with us and praying with us. We have felt carried during this time. And when you think about the twins tonight imagine the fun they are having with Jesus!



Jaime said...

Hi there, Jaime Redcay here (married to Jed Redcay and friends to Chris and Megan.)
I enjoy checking in on your blog occassionaly and as I checked in tonight my heart is heavy for you. I am lifting you up to Jesus this very moment and praying that you will feel the warmth of his embrace Thank you for your inspiring and faithful example in the midst of this difficult time.

Angie said...

We are continuing to pray for you guys!

Angie & Paul