Friday, October 22, 2010


objects in mirror are closer than they appear...

So in our little community paper there is a living section that always has articles about parenting, marriage and life (does anyone know what I am talking about?) and these articles often drill me and this week was no exception.

This week a women close to her 70's was writing about going through her 50 years worth of slides and the things she wishes she could say to her younger self. Her is what she says,

1. You're more beautiful than you realize

"There I was in my Easter outfit I'd sewed myself. I stood on the front stairs of our little house, with a smooth glowing face, slim legs, and a supple body. And all along, I thought I was fat and ugly. I was neither."

2. Relax and enjoy this moment of motherhood, it is incredibily precious and all too short

"All the things I ignored my children to accomplish-the cooking, the cleaning, the demands of work-are still there. But the children are not. And they are what matters."

3. You think it's all up to you. Believe me it's not

"God's in charge of the universe. He does a very good job. You'd be a lot happier and more serene if you relaxed and let Him do it. You will not die if you take your hands off the controls, you just think you will!"

4. And quit worrying...about money!

(enough said)

"In short what I'd say to my young self is: relax! Enjoy your life, your beauty, your strength. Live each day and let your future unfold in its own time. Right now, your life is better than you know.

Don't wait until you are looking at a picture show to find out."

(quotes from Wynne Gillis, Advertiser)

So...this article brought tears to my eyes and perspective to my heart. I hope these little tidbits encourage you as well! Be blessed today!


Ms. Oomph said...

Wow! This was in your community paper? Awesome stuff... I needed to hear it today. Especially number 4. sigh.

Missy. said...

couldn't have said it better myself. as my kids rooms are messes, laundry overflows, and puppies need fed...again. :) mis.

Jena said...

wow. TRUTH. in the merchandiser :) (or advertiser or whatever yours is called :)