Friday, November 12, 2010

Buckwalter Builders

So Moses has this dream to be a builder...he loves to build with legos and work with tools. He even made his own business card "Buckwalter Builders" and has his business plan in place. This is what he told me one day: "First I am going to work at Lowes so I can save up money to buy lumber. Then maybe I can get a discount because I work there. Then I will use the lumber to build a house for my family." I was so surprised he had thought all that through. He is full of vision.

One of his visions was to fix the treehouse on our property which had a hole in the floor and a broken ladder. He had been asking us for months to have "building day" to restore the treehouse. Finally on Saturday we did just that...

The boys loved working side by side with Daddy. Here they are standing on the restored treehouse floor! Great job guys!

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Megan said...

Well...that's perfect, Jaiden and Mo can go into business together. 2 weeks ago at jaiden's 5 year appointment he informed the Dr. of his plan to become a Mo can build and J will put in the pipes...Enjoy the great weekend!