Thursday, November 18, 2010

Emerald Isle Revisted

In the beginning of October we headed south to visit Matt & Naomi. We spent one morning visiting Emerald Isle where we had lived for a year. It was hard to believe that this used to be our back yard, living less than a mile from the beach. Life was so different then. It seemed much simplier in some ways. Mark had been a manager at a restaurant when we lived down there so we also stopped and ate lunch there! We used to eat there once a week for free as a family. was really different! :)

There is something so freeing and life giving to be at beach. To look out at the ocean brings refreshement to my soul. And the kids loved the FREEDOM to run and play!

While the kids splashed in the water. I walked along the shore and collected shells. There is something so satisfying to me about finding a treasure in the sand. I guess it is the same kind of thrill I get when I find a good bargain at a yard sale. Just little "i love you"s from God.

Even though it was great to visit the island again I realized that was simply what it was "a visit". It no longer felt like home. It is strange how that is. I think Mark & I both came back with deeper appreciation for that season in our lives along with new vision for where God has planted us now.

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