Saturday, August 27, 2011


   Eight years ago today I began this journey called mothering. After an intense and quick hour long labor a baby boy with a head full of hair and the cord wrapped around his neck came forth. His face was blue. We all held our breaths until he took his first breath and let out a cry. And we cried too. We prayed and felt his name should be Moses Elijah. A strong name for a strong little boy. We were instantly in love.
   Moses proved he had a strong will right from the start. When frustrated he would hold his breath till he turned blue. He cried a lot and slept very little. For the first three months we would take turns bouncing him up and down, up and down to keep him content.
   Moses was not the only one crying. I think I cried every day for the first month. Mark did not know who he should comfort first. I thought I could never do this birthing thing again and I did not have what it takes to be a mother.
   But as days turned to months things got better. Our good days far outweighed the bad ones.We were sleeping more and crying less. We began to enjoy parenting more. Our introduction to parenting was not an easing into but  rather a baptism by fire but we had come forth stronger.
   When God had prompted us six weeks into our marriage to get off birth control we had wrestled. After all we had only dated 9 months before getting married and were we really ready for a baby? I remember crying out to the Lord for a mother's heart not really knowing what was ahead. But I look back with no regrets. Moses has taught us so much...about the Father's heart, each other, and life.

   This morning I looked at Moses and could not believe 8 years had gone by so fast. Eight years. I am now the mother of a third grader. And though I thought I could not do this mothering thing, the Lord has blessed me with three more, and has spoken time and time again, "Yes, you can".

   Moses we love you and are so blessed to call you son. Thanks for all you have taught us and continue to teach us. You bring great joy to our hearts. Though you are small in stature, you are strong in spirit. We are blessed by your vision for life and your diligence to get a job done. We love your creativity and sensitivity. We love how you are a great leader and a helper to your younger brother and sisters. We bless your gifts to build and design. We love you Buddy!

Happy Birthday!

Father and Son. Nine months old drumming on Daddy's head ....and our hearts.

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Missy. said...

happy birthday moses. i forget how your hair totally rocked! and how hard life was for mommy and daddy early on in your life...i know i didn't know how to help them. you were a rockstar...that is the truth. :) happy day, big man. mis.