Thursday, August 11, 2011

taking the plunge.

To me sky diving and home schooling my children are right up there with things I would NEVER do.
But I am learning to never say never.
I never thought I would  home school my children because I was just not that "type" of mom...there was no way I could ever do that. I had frequently said "I will never home school UNLESS the Lord  puts  it on my heart" (notice the clause).
Well, starting in the spring time home school was on my heart where it never was before and it seemed that every blog and every other mom I ran into was homeschooling which only fueled my curiosity. I started praying about it, looking into curriculum's, talking to other moms, and praying some more. Sometimes my prayers were more like circles in my mind that went round and round with the pros and cons of home school versus public school. On a good mothering day I was all about home school but if you caught me on a bad day I was sending them back to school
Finally a few weeks ago it just felt like it was time to make a take the plunge into the unknown and go for it. So I am homeschooling. There I said it.
I am making a decision to draw the line in the sand. I am going to take the jump. Laugh at the unknown and the challenges along the way. And maybe even have fun....
I am still not sure about sky diving though.


Jaime said...

Yay, so excited for you guys, we have done some preschool things at home and are praying about homeschooling next year when our first son starts kindergarten!

Chrissy said...

So excited for your decision, hope all goes well! JD will be disappointed because he said he and Moses would be back together again this school year!

Shar said...

So excited for you guys! Hope to see you Monday night? Thinking of you lots!

Chelsea said...

you will be a great teacher heather!! whenever i read the "resolved to worship" blog it makes me think homeschooling is the way to go, she's inspiring. so maybe read that when ya need some encouragement. :) and one of my best friends still says the years she was homeschooled were her very favorite!

consume me... said...

Here's to jumping into the unknown...with eyes wide open and arms held high! I boldly predict you will not be sorry for one minute! Sometimes all that is needed is to make a decision, and the peace comes flooding in...hope you'll be enjoying that peace all year round.